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Aligning Sales and Revenue Cycle for Success

Aligning Sales and Revenue Cycle for Success

Your Sales and Revenue Cycle teams are both responsible for generating revenue for the company. Aligning your Sales and Revenue Cycle teams will lead to Success. Learn how you can improve the alignment and collaboration between these two teams to improve your efficiency. The Role of the HME Sales Professional has evolved through the years and they now have a greater level of engagement and responsibility than ever before.

This panel of industry thought leaders will take a brief journey looking back on the role of the Sales Representative. They will dive into today’s new market needs and how both Sales and Revenue Cycle professionals need to change to harness referrals from the medical community. The panel will address how we must embrace the need to increase our clinical sales approach while being holistic in our business management and revenue cycle procedures. They will discuss the key elements of how sales is a Team Effort and how your Sales and Revenue Cycle teams can better collaborate and communicate both internally and externally to positively impact billing and collections effectiveness as well as drive more referrals.

Join Ty Bello, Joey Graham and Bruce Gehring at Medtrade on April 6 to learn how to align your Sales vs. Revenue Cycle teams and improve your revenue.

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