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Hot Spots in the Revenue Cycle

Hot Spots in the Revenue Cycle

After a year or more of uncertainty, providers must break old habits, become more prepared, and assess the areas which hold opportunities yet explored by:

  • Differentiating between potential revenue and payer behavior that is out of our control, keeping the payers accountable.
  • Focusing on the payers that slow claims processing and hold your revenue.
  • Identifying and trending the specific areas of the current revenue cycle (RCM) “hot spots” and share the heat.
  • Evaluating, critiquing, and formulating a plan of attack.
  • Developing protocols that will allow foresight and not repeat the past, but decreasing and hopefully extinguishing those areas while managing the updates applied.

Your staff must understand the “cause and effect” within the revenue cycle and what will develop if the new plan is neglected and not managed.

Join Bruce Gehring and Kit Shellhouse for Hot Spots in the Revenue Cycle at Medtrade on April 5 at 1:30 pm.  We look forward to seeing you!

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