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COLLECTPlus is Your Patient Pay Billing & Collection Solution

Providing excellent patient care is your priority. Turning your patients into paying ones is ours. The problem is that there are 137 million Americans with medical debts, according to, and nearly a third of those owe more than $10,000.

COLLECTPlus is your secure, compliant, patient-pay billing and collections solution that allows you to spend less time and less effort in order to recover more revenue for your practice.

By connecting and automating all the communication points in your A/R cycle with COLLECTPlus, we ensure that you use the right process with the right message at the right time. By integrating our solution with your billing software system, we can increase your operating efficiency leading to better, faster cash recovery at a lower cost.

COLLECTPlus is a proven solution that is already in use by many healthcare providers, medical practices, home care facilities and billing/collection services across the country. What’s more, COLLECTPlus provides an automated patient pay communication workflow combined with an online Payment Portal, a Call Center, Collection and Attorney Services for the most comprehensive patient pay billing and collection solution in the healthcare industry.

Our Payment Portal facilitates easy online transactions for your patients and clients. Our domestic Call Center uses dedicated toll-free and local phone lines that identify inbound calls for your business and employs bi-lingual representatives to answer patients’ billing questions. Our Allegiance Group Attorney Services provide “demand” letters and make collection calls on your behalf, plus a whole lot more.

“The biggest impact on our bottom line is giving our staff the opportunity to stay focused on insurance collections. We’ve seen a drastic increase in insurance collections because of the time not spent chasing after co-pays.” ~Upstate HomeCare

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