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COLLECTPlus will optimize your patient cash recovery with less effort and greater staff efficiency.

  • The automated workflow ensures the right communication, at the right time, in the manner preferred by our customer.
  • Seamless automation with your billing software.
  • The COLLECTPlus dashboard provides an At-A-Glace status of the patient A/R and instant access to any alerts or
    exceptions that require your attention.
  • The dashboard provides critical reporting transparency and intuitive account management tools for operating efficiency.
  • The COLLECTPlus Payment Portal provides a better customer experience with convenient account access and a variety of
    payment options to fit patients’ needs.
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Turning Every Patient into a Paying PatientTM

Your patients and clients are accustomed to completing all kinds of transactions online. You can take advantage of this trend by offering payment options linked to your website on a Payment Portal that’s been customized with your unique look and feel. The intuitive format allows clients and patients to easily and quickly pay their bills online.

How Our Online Payment Portal Works

When a client visits your company website, which is printed on every correspondence we send, they click on a “bill pay” button that will open to another window. The Payment Portal may also be accessed with email and text notification for patient communication preference and convenience.

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No matter how great your product or services may be, one of the things that patients are most likely to remember is how they were treated when they called your company. Your CSRs have a tough job, dealing with a variety of people every hour while trying to maintain their composure. They are the face of your company. Your brand is defined by the skill and the quality of support they receive. If you are not constantly monitoring and improving your service over the phone, your patient satisfaction will start to decline. Managing and training CSRs is time-consuming. Allegiance Group can help.

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At some point, providers may choose to send unpaid balances to a collection agency. According to, about 137 million Americans currently have medical debts; with 28% of those owing $10,000 or more.

What happens when you turn an account over to an attorney?

Usually, when attorneys receive an account, they first start with a substantive review of the patient’s file. The review determines if all the necessary documentation is with the file – the contracts, invoices, patient contact and payment information.

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