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At some point, providers may choose to send unpaid balances to a collection agency. According to, about 137 million Americans currently have medical debts; with 28% of those owing $10,000 or more.

What happens when you turn an account over to an attorney?

Usually, when attorneys receive an account, they first start with a substantive review of the patient’s file. The review determines if all the necessary documentation is with the file – the contracts, invoices, patient contact and payment information.

Second, they perform scrubs to look for any red flags or notifications on the patient’s account to determine if they need to receive preferential handling because of bankruptcy, death or a member of the military.

Third, skip-tracing checks multiple platforms to confirm or gather the following information on the patient:

The most common services provided by attorneys are sending “demand” letters and making collection telephone calls. The initial “demand” letter notifies the patient that their account has been assigned to an attorney for collections.

There are several advantages to using our attorneys:

  1. Integrated with COLLECTPlus, so you can easily place an account or record any payments
  2. Confidence that patient communications, both mail and phone calls, comply with all state and federal statutes
  3. Licensed to practice law in all 50 states
  4. Attorneys who are available to help with non-judicial repossession and judicial actions for larger accounts

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