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CollectPlus Text Services

Allegiance Group Launches COLLECTPlus Text Services

COLLECTPlus Text Services is a new communication touchpoint to remind your customers to pay their bills quickly. Each text will include a link to a patient portal landing page allowing the customer to login and pay with just a few clicks. COLLECTPlus scrubs your phone numbers to identify valid mobile numbers. On the day established in your customized COLLECTPlus workflow, clients will receive a text.

COLLECTPlus Text Services sample texts

Initial invoice reminder with payment link – Sent the day after the invoice statement

“ABC Healthcare, Inc. Msg: You have new charges. Visit to view/pay stmt. bal. Reply STOP to end.”

Past due balance reminder with payment link – Sent after Collection Statements

“ABC Healthcare, Inc. Msg: You have a past due balance. Visit to view/pay bal. Reply STOP to end.”

Bad Address notification – sent after the account has been placed in bad address status.

“ABC Healthcare, Inc. Msg: Statement returned. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to update your mailing address. Reply STOP to end.”


At the onset of the service, COLLECTPlus will scrub all phone number in the system to identify valid mobile numbers. In addition, it will also scrub all new numbers added to the system going forward.

If there is not a valid mobile phone #, no other alternative communication attempt will be made on that day in the workflow, such as a reminder phone call.

How Texts work with Other Touchpoints

Text services are an addition to paper statements, eDelivery and reminder phone calls. The best practice workflow is to deliver a text reminder the day after the statement is mailed. The goal is to let the customer know his statement has been mailed and allow him to quickly and easily resolve the balance. Also, it’s to reach the patient through a variety of channels and allow them to rely upon their own preferred communication method.

For more information, contact Bruce Gehring at 913-338-4790 x 202 or

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