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No matter how great your product or services may be, one of the things that patients are most likely to remember is how they were treated when they called your company. Your CSRs have a tough job, dealing with a variety of people every hour while trying to maintain their composure. They are the face of your company. Your brand is defined by the skill and the quality of support they receive. If you are not constantly monitoring and improving your service over the phone, your patient satisfaction will start to decline. Managing and training CSRs is time-consuming. Allegiance Group can help.

Your clients and patients may have questions about their accounts that can create confusion and result in a delay of payment. Our call center will improve your staff’s efficiency by assigning inbound client calls to professional call center representatives. These representatives are trained to answer basic questions regarding payments and invoices, and can facilitate payments using Allegiance Group’s convenient, easily accessible Payment Portal.

How Our Call Center Works

When a patient or client calls your unique phone number, which is printed on their statement, you can be confident and assured of:

Why outsource?

Allegiance Group can:

With our Call Center in your corner, you and your staff will save time and effort on answering patient billing questions and payment concerns. They will have more time to devote to working directly with patients or clients and addressing their health concerns.

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